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New Mothers Support Group: Little Planet Playland

Little Planet is a miniature world for children to engage in imaginative and purposeful pretend play. It features a small, interconnected children’s play area designed to reinforce good social skills in a group play environment through interactive play, hands-on learning experiences and role playing. ? You can register your interest in attending this event via the NMSG...



Go Green Business: Pukka Herbs has achieved carbon neutral status

Pukka’s climate change policy was written by their sustainability manager, taking guidance from other policies available online. It is a short, one page document that everyone in the organisation can understand. A gap and impact analysis was carried out for the commitments made in the policy which was necessary to secure board-level approval. The policy was approved and a...


Singapore Huxley Associates: Top 5 bizarre interview questions

Five types of questions you might encounter

1. Lots of these questions fall along the lines of if you were a colour/an animal/a garden gnome/a car/a food/a computer application (yes, really) what one would you be and why? Try to think of the qualities of the object and how they might relate to your skills or character.

2. What are all the different uses you can think of...


Huxley Associates International: Why are UK banking jobs moving out of London?

Banking jobs are down in the UK. With every month comes a headline announcing the latest swathe of job cuts by a UK bank: RBS to cut almost 450 investment banking jobs in the UK (March 2016); Lloyds Banking Group to cut 1,755 jobs and close 29 branches (February 2016), Barclays to axe 1,200 jobs worldwide (January 2016).

Despite this overall downward trend, regionally,...



Unlocking Africa’s Potential through Competition Policy

African countries have much to gain by encouraging open and competitive markets, particularly as a means to spur sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty. Yet in reality, many markets have low levels of competition. More than 70% of African countries rank in the bottom half of countries globally on the perceived intensity of local competition and on the existence of ...


Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Reasons to have air conditioning in your home

When looking for a trustworthy organization, avoid fraud services online because fraudsters often disguise themselves as representatives from a genuine company and offer their services to you in exchange of your personal and financial information.

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning can perform proper air conditioning service and installation for your home and can help you...


Eric Hamilton Marsden on how to take care of furniture

Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden suggests the use of coasters and mats when placing hot or cold drinks, plates and crockery on the furniture. Discoloration can happen to the furniture if such items were placed directly on it for too long.

Use protective pads on semi-permanent items

Decorative items that are permanently sitting on your furniture such as bowls, figurines,...


Eric Hamilton Marsden Tips for buying bespoke furniture

Finding the ideal bespoke furniture for your home can be simple as long as you have the patience in doing so. If you're going to be a smart buyer, then you can save money during the entire process and find high-quality furniture that meets all your needs all at once. The following are some basic tips provided by Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden to help you find the best bespoke...


Axia Consultants: Tips for attending exhibitions

Before the exhibition

1. Draw up a list of objectives for visiting the exhibition. Define what you wish to achieve eg to get an overview of certain types of software, see the latest software functionality, or to meet certain vendors.

2. Plan your visit. Make a shortlist of exhibitors, vendor demonstrations, educational or other sessions you wish to see. Don’t...


IOSCO: Reports on transparency of firms

The final report discusses “audit firm transparency reporting,” which is a practice “employed by audit firms to be transparent in their own reporting to investors and other stakeholders about the firm itself, notably, with respect to firm governance and elements of their system of quality control for their financial statement audits.”

According to the final...