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Axia Consultants: Tips for attending exhibitions

Before the exhibition

1. Draw up a list of objectives for visiting the exhibition. Define what you wish to achieve eg to get an overview of certain types of software, see the latest software functionality, or to meet certain vendors.

2. Plan your visit. Make a shortlist of exhibitors, vendor demonstrations, educational or other sessions you wish to see. Don’t...


Axia Consultants Project initiation checklist

You’ve finally got board approval to select a new software system - then what? You’ve actually got to do it! So, here is a quick ‘project initiation checklist’ of 30 things to consider at this stage. If you can tick everything ‘yes’ - you’re ready to start!

Project Initiation Checklist What is the software / system selection project? 1. Has the...


Axia Consultants: Hidden costs of new software

It starts with the software vendor’s additional costs (after all they are in business to make money) and carries on throughout the implementation.

One solution is to identify the total cost of ownership, not just the software, as clearly as you can prior to acquisition. If you establish and compare the total costs associated with each software package for 1 year and 5...


Axia Consultants IT Project Proposal

The 2 main types of internal IT project proposal for replacing business systems, such as a CRM system are:

• outline proposal for system selection and system replacement in principle – to obtain approval for limited funds to undertake the system selection process • detailed proposal to implement a replacement system – carried out at the end of the system selection...